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Improving business development

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Duurzame verbetering van uw commerciële denken & doen

Developing export to EU

For developing countries to prosper, increasing their export to high end markets like Europe has proven to be hugely beneficial.

But it is not an easy journey to embark on. It requires insight, motivation determination, perseverance and an open mind.

Same quality, better price

Containeroverslag-ECT-480x253Many SME’s consider this the best proposition for high end markets. It’s not. Price is important, but it isn’t he only criteria. European buyers look at quality, value to customers, business ethics, sustainability etc etc

Exporters don't plan to fail, they fail to plan

Sustainable exports to Europe are not achieved in 2 weeks. Your time and budget are limited so you need to draw up a plan: to identify the opportunities in the market, to select the right business partners in EU, to develop the right market entry method.

Without a plan your will be a “chicken with no head”: no sense of direction, running around in circels, wasting precious time & money with no export results to show for it.

The ‘rust & mold’ method

Europe is 1 market with 28 countries and 23 languages. To be succesfull it’s best to start small: focus on 1 single market. Make 1 scratch in the iron surface of the market.

Slowly but surely work on expanding your business by constantly working with buyers and importers: a little bit of ‘water’ will grow the small scratch into a major mold.